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To:                   All Teaching Staff/Mohawk Trail Regional School District

From:              Michael A. Buoniconti, Superintendent

Re:                   Course Work re:  Horizontal Advancement and Retirement Notification



As a reminder, I would like to call your attention to Article XXVII- (D-3) Professional Development and Educational Improvement.  It indicates that if a teacher is expecting to complete work that will result in a different horizontal placement on the salary schedule, the Superintendent is to be notified prior to November 1st of the preceding school year in which the horizontal advancement shall be made effective.  The attached form should be completed and returned to the Central Office prior to November 1st. 


If you have taken course(s) or plan to take courses this spring or summer that will result in horizontal movement on the salary schedule for the next school year, PLEASE, indicate on the form what you anticipate your placement will be BA + 15, MA + 15, MA + 30, Doctorate.  If you anticipate no change, simply check the first line in the first box.


Although you are under no obligation to notify us at this time if you plan to retire, we would appreciate notification by February 2nd in order to help with staff and budget planning.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.




















Projected Horizontal Placement Information





Name: ___________________________________Date: __________________________



School: _____________________________________________



Please check one box:



______ I anticipate no change in my horizontal placement for the 20__– 20__ school year.







______ I anticipate completing work that will result in advanced horizontal placement on     the salary schedule for the 20__– 20__ school year.

            I anticipate this placement to be: (_________________________________).

                                                                Example, BA + 15, MA, MA + 15







Please return prior to November 1




Thank you