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Mohawk Trail Regional High School

Instructional Support Staff (After School) Biology

Provide small group instruction in biology content and skills in preparation for the February MCAS for students in grades 9-12. Use assessments to determine needs of individual students and to measure pre- and post- instruction performance.

Qualifications: Must have broad content area knowledge and experience with tutoring. Teacher certification a plus. Strong ability to differentiate instruction to the varied needs of individual students. Experience working with special education students and utilizing a range of instructional strategies essential.

Proposed schedule and compensation: 2 hours per week of small group instruction directly after school. 1 hour of preparation time for every 4 hours of tutoring. Start date: 12-1-2014 End date:

2-1-2015. Hourly rate is $30/hour for tutoring; $20/hour for preparation.
Send letter of interest, resume and three letters of reference by mail to: Superintendent of
Schools, Mohawk Trail Regional School System, 24 Ashfield Road, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts 01370, fax 413-625-0196 or email
The school district does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national original, sex, gender identity, disability, religion, or sexual orientation.